Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vinyl=more than just sayings

The boutique is over and, oh boy was it fun! I broke out my huge 48" vinyl machine for the first time! I made lots and lots of stuff!


I want to be a little different than vinyl you can get everywhere else. I have an industrial machine and love doing huge wall murals! I also love the graphic design aspect (which is why I finally just bought a cutter instead of ordering from my favorite lolly girls. So, if you would like something but are not sure what, let me have a try at putting together a mock up for you!I can do anything you'd like. But I especially love a big mural on a wall behind your couch. Need something big to fill the wall by your dining table? What about your kids room, a big blank wall and no idea what to do, Then I am your girl. I will be listing ideas and photos and loading things in etsy. Feel free to email me (button on the right side bar)for a custom order or questions!

I am stocking my etsy store, which you can visit by clicking the etsy button to the right. Starting tomorrow I will be doing a give away every Friday. Do you want to see what it is? Do you want to win? Check back tomorrow to see the details...


Shannon said...

Summer! I have a big picture of trees on my wall and I have been wanting to put, in vinyl letters above it, my favorite poem.
"world is a leaf, and tree is a bough
and birds sing sweeter than books can tell how"
Can you do this in pretty letters? What can I pay you?

Lolly Jane said...

keep it up, girl! you have BIG dreams, i'd hate to do such large projects, lol! ;)