Monday, September 27, 2010

Thank You!

Thanks you to all the incredible vendors, your hard work paid off!And a big thanks to the incredible shoppers, and friends who came and supported us women/moms who love what we do. Thanks for coming by and liking our goods. If there is anyone who you loved at the boutique and you would like moore info on them, comment or email me through the button on the right.

It was a great day.:) Can't wait for next year!

Steph Lundell won our grand pize and has allready recieved her great gifts. yay!

I know I will be selling off lots of my leftover kits here on my blog, and the other vendors have things they will be selling too. So go check out everyone's websites and blogs, and etsy's and score some deals.

Thanks again to everyone!

(p.s. any vendors, that have any pics of your booth, I would love a copy)

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