Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can I mix brown, black, and white?

With a pop of mustard yellow? I think so!!

So I have been a stickler of not mixing brown & black my whole life (it always bugged). I even had to tell {teach} my husband he couldn't do black pants, black belt and brown shoes when we were in the dating stage of life. haha

So fast forward to re-doing our bedroom. I wanted chocolate brown walls, but I wanted black and white cabinets,and damask prints. Honestly, I LOVE the way it turned out.

This picture is from a yr oor so back when we finished the remodel. No trim or baseboards at that point, just a quick snapshot of the brown with black and white.

Well, a few weeks ago browsing at Target I found this

That single pillow made me want to re-do my whole house. Ok well kinda, It was a must have for my bedroom. Which means my room was going to be CHOCOLATE BROWN, BLACK, WHITE, and some pops of MUTED MUSTARD YELLOW!

So here are some thrift finds that I am working on putting together. Love them all!

And here is some newly aquired fabric to add little details and color to the room.

So here is the question do you think it will be a go, or clash city? Got any cute links and ideas for me, throw 'em my way! It's a quest to "MAKE IT WORK" and I am on it!!

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Samantha said...

Cute Summer!!!! I've seen that pillow at Target! I'm a little (lot) jealous that you have it!! Can't wait to see the completed room!